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Mission Statement:   To build beautiful and unique structures and spaces.  To excel in craftsmanship and client satisfaction.  To lead a process that is progressive, efficient and transparent.  To do outstanding work.

Passions:  We love building.  We pay attention to details because they are important to us and we believe they are what separates the ordinary from the exceptional.  We love creative problem solving both in the course of construction and in applying it to unique design.

Who we are:  Facet is a fully Licensed and Insured Residential Home Builder.  We are a team of  hard working talented craftsmen.  We believe in doing a job right the first time.  We are organized, reliable and accountable.  We communicate well and ensure our customers are comfortable with the project throughout its course.    We ensure the right people, the right material, and the right tools are all in the right place at the right time.  Our team leader is Silas Straathof, Journeyman Carpenter, Contractor, Owner and Head of Operations.  He is most inspired by his clients wishes, by beautiful design, and by the capabilities of the team.

What we do:

Construction – Custom Homes, Additions, Renovations, Carriage Houses.

Contracting – We have a network of excellent sub-contractors to meet all your construction needs.

Custom Carpentry – Interior finishing, built-ins, cabinetry, furniture, counter tops, timber work, siding and exterior finishes, gates, fences, arbors, saunas, greenhouses…

Where we are:  Cumberland BC is the proud home of Facet Custom Builders.  We serve the Comox Valley and its surrounds.

What’s in the name?  Facets are the cut and polished faces of a precious stone.  They cast light and catch the eye.  Without facets a gem is but a rock.  Facet Custom Builders cut and polish the many faces of our every work.  We hope they catch your eye.