Building your Vision, Leading you Home

This is your vision and your home. It is our mission to understand your vision, bring it to life, and lead you to a home more beautiful and more personalized than you imagined.


If you are looking for high quality and excellent value for your investment, that is what we deliver. We intend for our clients and our homes to last a lifetime, which sets the tone for how we operate and how we build.

We bring Care and Attention first and foremost to our client’s interests, and it extends to our team, our planning process and our workmanship.

Our team swells with Character and Talent. A lot of material goes into a home, but it’s the People that make the difference.

We value Communication, collaboration and transparency and we’ve invested in the systems and technology to support it.

We lead a thorough Process from concept and feasibility, to detailed budgeting and value engineering, through to scheduling, execution and completion.

Pre Construction Planning Services

Our projects are well executed as a result of thorough planning.

We start every project by working through a 3-Stage Planning Process.

We collaborate with you and the home designer to develop the Design, the Specifications, and the Budget in unison.

Through each stage we listen, explore and advise on options, and present cost implications. In the latter stages we manage permit applications.

Essentially we want to completely build the house on paper before we start construction. This gives everyone a very good idea of what we will build, how great it will be, and how much it will cost, before we commit to construction.

Who We Are

Facet is a fully Licensed and Insured Residential Home Builder. We are a team of hard working, talented managers and craftsmen. We believe in doing a job right the first time. We are organized, reliable and accountable. We aim to deliver a premium product and a premium experience to our every client.

Our team leaders are:

Silas Straathof, Journeyman Carpenter, BSc, Owner, and Head of Operations. He is most inspired by his clients vision, collaboration, beautiful design, and by the talent of his team.

Drew Henderson, Journeyman Carpenter, Owner, Head of Production. He is most inspired by the opportunity to evolve building practices to improve our environmental impact in our local community, with a team I admire.

What We Do


Custom Homes, Additions, Renovations, Carriage Houses.


We have a network of hand-picked sub-contractors and suppliers to meet all your construction needs.

Custom Carpentry

Foundations, Framing, Timber work, Interior finishes, Siding, Exterior structures and finishes.

Where We Are Located

Cumberland British Columbia on Vancouver Island is the proud home of Facet Custom Builders. We serve the Comox Valley and surrounding areas.

What’s In The Name?

Facets are the cut and polished faces of a precious stone. They cast light and catch the eye. Without facets a gem is but a rock. Facet Custom Builders cut and polish the many faces of our every work. We hope they catch your eye.